I was born in 1955 in London & educated in England and the US in Christian theology & Buddhist Studies; I’ve been resident in the US, mostly, since 1980; I was baptized in 1977 & received into the Catholic Church in 1996; since 1983 I’ve been a citizen of the academy, holding professorial positions in various American universities; I’m the sole author of twelve published books & very many shorter pieces, mostly in one way or another theological; I possess, eagerly polish, & lavishly entertain an ordinary range of virtues & vices; I anticipate, with regret but also sometimes with enthusiasm, purgatory’s painful delights; & the imminent end of my academic career, together with advancing age, leaves me leisure to read & write & prepare for death. Here’s a full(ish) curriculum vitae.

You can contact me at: pgriffit@gmail.com. I can’t promise to respond, but I’m happy to hear from you.